Mumbai, sometimes known as bombay, is a heavily populated metropolis on the west coast of india.It is india's biggest metropolis and a major financial hub. The magnificent gateway of india stone arch, constructed by the british raj in 1924, is located on the shoreline of mumbai harbour. There are historic cave shrines dedicated to the hindu deity shiva off the coast on elephanta island. The city is renowned for being the centre of the bollywood movie business.


City in Maharashtra

State of India

Maharashtra is a state on western india's peninsula that makes up a sizeable chunk of the deccan plateau. Maharashtra is the second-most populated country subdivision in the world as well as the second-most populous state in india.

Business Ideas In Mumbai: Best Businesses In Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the fastest-growing cities in India. There are many big opportunities for you in Mumbai. You can start many types of businesses in Mumbai.

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